The Hospice Concept and Philosophy of providing care for persons suffering from illness has existed for centuries. The root word for hospice is the same as the word “hospital” and “hospitality”. A more organized concept of Hospice began to take shape in the Middle Ages as religious orders accepted weary and sick travelers by offering them “hospitality” throughout Europe. However it was not until the 1960’s that the roots of the Modern Day Hospice Movement began to develop. It was the vision of Dame Cecily Saunders, a trained Social Worker, who later became a physician and tireless crusader to change the way society provided care for individuals who were facing end of life.  She founded St. Christopher’s Hospice in a suburb of London in 1967.


             Dr. Cecily Saunders

The first Hospice Organization in the United States was founded in 1974 in Connecticut. Long before Hospice Care became an industry, Craven County Hospice began providing end of life care in 1980 as a part of Craven County Health Department Home Health. For over 35 years, Our Mission has been to provide quality, end of life care to persons who face a life limiting illness or condition. Being a service of the Craven County Health Department, we are “not for profit” both in nature and organization. We are not part of a state wide, regional or national organization. We are truly proud to be: “Your Hometown Hospice”! Whether you live in New Bern, Havelock, Vanceboro, Cove City, Trent Woods, James City, Riverbend or anywhere in Craven, Jones, Carteret, Beaufort, Lenoir or Pamlico Counties, we are “Your Hometown Hospice”. Craven County Hospice is your leading provider of Quality End of Life Care. One Hundred percent (100%) of the families responding to our Medicare Certified Survey after the death of a loved one on our service responded that they received the “Best Hospice Care” and would recommend our services to friends and family. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness or condition that will result in a limited life expectancy and have exhausted all reasonable efforts to control that illness or condition, or if you have chosen not to pursue any treatment, we are here to help. Give us a call or complete the inquiry form under the “contact” tab of our website. We will be glad to explain our services and provide a no cost or obligation evaluation.

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